The Human Touch: Infusing Medical Communications With the Patient Voice

The Human Touch

Patients are the reason we read the studies, crunch the data, uncover the insights, craft the strategies, and deploy the solutions. Yet not every project allows us to speak directly to patients to ensure that we’re accurately reflecting their experiences, attitudes, and unmet needs. Which is why we particularly appreciate projects like the following 3 […]

Utility of 360|KOL® to Solve 5 Common Challenges

What if you could effectively track and monitor key opinion leader (KOL) data, meetings, and networks—all in one place? 360 KOL is a comprehensive system that allows you to track KOL engagements, gather insights, and report on your findings. With this system in place, you can ensure that your company is getting the most out […]

Twittorial: Doctors Tweeting Insights with Peers

Imagine getting real-time feedback on how key opinion leaders (KOLs)  would engage with your disease state through a case study. A Twittorial let’s you do just that. A Twittorial is an advisory board using Twitter as the platform to facilitate the dialogue. Contracted KOL participants are provided with a case study. We recommend beginning with […]

Are you listening? blulava’s EARS Platform

The EARS (Engagement, Amplification, Reach, Sentiment) platform from blulava is a powerful tool that can help you understand how key opinion leaders (KOLs) and healthcare professionals (HCPs) are perceiving therapeutic area challenges. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, blulava’s EARS platform utilizes historical and current social data aggregated with other content (publications, congresses, […]