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360|CONNEX® is our proprietary digital engagement platform that streamlines and organizes your brand’s interactions. Based on your needs, we have a whole suite of offerings that provide connection in meaningful ways. From social to KOL scheduling—we have you covered.

360 | KOL®

Engagement Management—Simplified

Manage all your KOL profiles and engagements from one easy-to-use platform. The 360 | KOL portal provides a customizable solution for collecting, organizing, and analyzing all your KOL data. In order to inform and maximize engagements that are aligned with your strategy. This powerful tool pulls data from numerous sources, including publications, social media activity, affiliations, and professional networks to provide unprecedented insights and scoring on your KOL’s impact on your business. The 360 | KOL portal makes management and measurement of KOL engagement activities intuitive and simple for your clinical field teams.

360 | Congress®

Congress Management—Streamlined

The 360 | Congress portal provides a comprehensive engagement planning and management solution. This centralized resource allows for an organized and well-orchestrated congress experience. The platform works seamlessly with 360 | KOL to align individual KOLs with specific congresses. This includes scheduling and financial management features to make all of your congress activities successful, from initial engagement through post-event follow-up.

360 | Dialogue®

Evolving Conversational Data Analysis to Support HCP Decision-Making

Advanced analytics combined with machine-learning, data-scraping technologies give us the ability to analyze, measure, and predict specific HCP, patient, and consumer opinions, behaviors, and intentions. 360 | Dialogue gives brand teams the ability to understand the impact of content and identify knowledge gaps. Key topics are identified and tracked across a range of social media platforms, including comments made on posts and publications. The data collected can then be integrated with other analytics reporting. All data are published in customizable and easy-to-understand dashboards.

360 | Library®

Logic-Forward Content Management

Pharmaceutical brands have always struggled with managing their speaker presentations to ensure adherence to regulatory demands. Once presentations are disseminated to your KOLs, control is lost. Our 360 | Library houses all of your speaker decks in a centralized repository further enhanced by your unique business rules for presentation. All presentations are “locked” in different combinations of regulatory/safety slides, ensuring that each and every presentation delivered is always in correct sequence and in compliance. This cloud-based application makes releasing your content easy and secure.

360 | Collaboration®

Foster Ownership, Community Participation, and Authenticity

Organizing and managing speaker feedback on presentations has never been easier. 360 | Collaboration allows speakers the tools to share their thoughts and opinions with the brand and other speakers. This interactive environment quickly enhances presentations by pulling from the real-world experience of the speakers and allows for constructive debate on the nuances of your clinical presentations.

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