2022’s Best Mobile Health Apps

In this week’s blog, we asked 4 of our health and wellness professionals to name their favorite apps. With everything from health tracking and reminder apps, to mobile fitness and innovate tech experiences, we’ve compiled our expert list of 2022’s Best Mobile Health Apps!

Meet our experts, below:

Alyssa Musiaro is a Medical Director at Evolution Health Group, where she specializes in medical strategy. She is a busy mom and fitness enthusiast who relies upon the convenience of mobile apps for daily health tracking and exercise goal setting and achievement.




Ankur Patel is an Associate Medical Director at Evolution Health Group. He believes in the power of using virtual accomplishments to stay motivated and healthy. Ankur shares with us the apps he’s used for his own health and goals, including gamification models and doctor-patient apps that synch and consolidate all data into one place.




Beth Mickelberg is a Group Account Director of Digital Solutions at blulava. She personally embodies the principles of her professional career, using detailed data-tracking to uncover value insights and motivate positive change. She shares some cool fitness apps, like group endurance challenges that are extremely results-effective.




Scott Reese is VP of Digital Strategy and Customer Engagement at blulava. He is as an expert leader known for creating innovative interactive experiences to improve health. He speaks to us about his favorite “geeky” pastime—playing with his touch surgery app that uses AI technology to visualize operations. He also provides some great cutting-edge tools for record-keeping.



2022’s Best Mobile Health Apps

  • Apple Health: This app puts your important health information at your fingertips, including your health records, labs, activity, sleep, and more. “I like it because it keeps track of a lot of things in one place. It allows me to sync health records.” —Alyssa Musiaro, Medical Director. For those with Apple watch, “one of the things I like about it is that it detects when I’ve been immobile for too long and encourages me to stand and take meditation breaks.” —Scott Reese, VP, Digital Strategy and Customer Engagement. “It’s kind of like that gamification model where you can set an activity level or calorie burn level that you want to accomplish during the day.” —Ankur Patel, Associate Medical Director
  • Attain by Aetna: This app takes your unique health history, combines it with your wearable device activity, and offers you personalized challenges and goals and motivating rewards. “It takes your fitness data from your Apple Watch and pipes it in, and it gives you goals for active calorie burns and steps taken. It’ll challenge you to try different things every day.” —Alyssa Musiaro, Medical Director
  • Chopra: This app has meditations, self-care tools, tips, and practices for your well-being. It has an extensive library of knowledge for your mind, body, and spirit, plus new meditations featured daily. “I meditate every day to try to start out with the feeling of peace. It was hard in the beginning but over time I can really see the benefits on a body, mind, spirit, level.” —Beth Mickelberg, Group Account Director, Digital Solutions
  • Equinox+: This app corresponds with an Equinox gym membership. “It provides videos and exercises that I can look at and watch offline while I’m not with the trainer, and it provides news and other interesting aspects of the gym that I wouldn’t have known.” —Ankur Patel, Associate Medical Director
  • Medscape: This app offers the latest medical news and expert commentary in your specialty, as well as drug and disease information, relevant professional education, and CME/CE activities. “Mainly what I use it for are the adverse events or adverse effects of medications. I can go into there and kind of see what the medication does.” —Ankur Patel, Associate Medical Director
  • MyChart: MyChart lets you see your medications, test results, upcoming medical appointments, medical bills, price estimates, and more all in one place. “Recently, I had a family health emergency, and that app was invaluable for reviewing all of the testing and physician notes conveniently in one place.” —Scott Reese, VP, Digital Strategy & Customer Engagement
  • Noom: A subscription-based app for tracking a person’s food intake and exercise habits. This app is known for its emphasis on behavior change and mental wellness. “It just holds you accountable to actually follow through on actions.”  —Alyssa Musiaro, Medical Director
  • Orangetheory Fitness: This app corresponds with the Orangetheory classes and combines coaching and technology to track your progress and produce results. “I use it to book my classes and to track how I did in the workouts. And they also have some programs that I can do at home on the days that I’m not going in.” —Alyssa Musiaro, Medical Director. “You can track your progress across daily workouts, studio challenges and yearly events like Hell Week. It’s fun to share results with friends and keep track of my fitness over time.” —Beth Mickelberg, Group Account Director, Digital Solutions
  • Peloton: A fitness app that corresponds with the Peloton bike and other equipment. The app gives you access to fitness classes (not just for biking!) and meditations. “I like it because there’s a great variety of things that I can do on there, whether I’m home or traveling for work.”—Alyssa Musiaro, Medical Director
  • Pocket Pharmacist: This app provides a lightning-fast drug search with unbiased information, zero pharmaceutical sponsorship, and no advertisements. “It really helps me understand the compounds that we’re dealing with and exactly how they work. It’s kind of my go-to quick educational source.” —Scott Reese, VP, Digital Strategy and Customer Engagement
  • Touch Surgery: This is a Medtronic app that provides next-generation computing, visualization, and artificial intelligence technology. “There are 3D simulations that you can go into and actually kind of manipulate the devices yourself in a surgery-like setting. It’s really educational and fascinating, and it’s just kind of fun to play with.” —Scott Reese, VP, Digital Strategy and Customer Engagement


No matter if you are focused on health, wellness, or medical recorded keeping hopefully you have found this selection helpful. Stay tuned in the coming months for more perspectives from the best and brightest across our agency.

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Global Head of Innovation

Scott is fortunate to bring 25 years of digital expertise to the blulava team. Scott has broad global executive leadership experience ranging from serving as the Executive Creative Director for the world’s largest digital agency to Managing Director of a Microsoft and Accenture joint venture focused on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions for global clients. He has also worked with experimental media artists and creative technologists to bring to life immersive entertainment experiences. Scott has been awarded numerous patents for his analytical technology inventions. He has also been recognized widely for his creative work including Webbys, Cannes Lion, Clio, MM&M, DTC Awards and many others.

When not working to build creative technology solutions for clients, Scott is typically found in the company of musicians, artists and athletes. A highly avid skier, Scott is former PSIA ski coach in Winter Park Colorado. He is a former completive distance runner and triathlete. Any given night you may find Scott in various rock venues or music festivals.

Carl Napolitano

Vice President, Creative Director

Carl is an award-winning creative director with a distinguished career in healthcare communications, design, and marketing. Over the past 20 years, Carl has cultivated a seasoned intuition for compelling creative by showcasing the nuances of a brand’s value proposition. His artistic energy supports both the brands he develops as well as the team he leads.

From innovative digital tactics to integrated media campaigns to corporate identity branding, Carl’s creative work and dynamic leadership have been recognized with industry awards from the RX Club and the OMNI Awards.

When not at work, you can find Carl on the golf course with his son or at the beach with his family.


Group Account Director, Digital Solutions

Beth is a successful marketing veteran with 20 years driving groundbreaking omnichannel programs for Fortune 500 companies. She loves to uncover the deeply felt customer insights that bring your brand from ideas to actions. Beth has won multiple industry awards, from Best Website at DTC Pharma Awards to Most Innovative Programs at the Webby Awards.

In her free time, Beth loves to spend time with her niece and nephews, and tries to stay balanced between the gym, the beach and the runway.

Chris Mycek

Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

Recognized as a top-tier strategic marketer, technologist and growth leader, Chris’ experience includes more than 20 years of experience in supporting the development of corporate, brand, and digital marketing for multi-national organizations in the life sciences, consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics, financial services, and food industries. He has designed and delivered educational content his entire career, and Chris’ clients have included MARS, Procter & Gamble, Prudential, Pfizer, Alcoa, Hasbro, Barilla Pasta, Johnson & Johnson, Unisys, Samsung, Campbell’s Soup and Harley-Davidson.

Having started his career at Johnson& Johnson on the OTC & Rx business, Chris has extensive client and agency side experience. He’s held leadership roles at Publicis and Cognizant Technology Solutions, as well as innovative emerging companies both privately held and private equity backed, and currently serves as a board advisor for multiple technology start-ups. His track record in developing category-leading business strategy has paralleled his ability to integrate new channels and technologies that create competitive advantages.

He earned a B.A. in Economics from Middlebury College, where he also studied psychology and art history. Chris lives just outside of Philadelphia near Valley Forge National Park, has three adult children who work in the Life Sciences, enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Barbara. In his spare time, he can most often be found fly fishing and hiking with his Border Collie Winifred. He also enjoys playing various string instruments when the muse strikes.


Global Head of Innovation

Scott brings 25 years of digital expertise to the blulava team. His executive leadership experience ranges from serving as the Executive Creative Director for one of the world’s largest digital agencies to Managing Director of a Microsoft/Accenture advanced analytics venture, focusing on AI solutions for global clients. Scott’s work has spanned industries from entertainment, retail, financial services with a heavy dose of pharmaceutical experience.

Scott has been granted numerous patents for his analytical technology inventions. He has been recognized widely for his creative work, winning awards at the Webbys, Cannes Lion, CLIO, and the MM&M Awards, to name a few.

When not working, Scott can usually be found in the company of musicians, artists, and athletes.


Chief Operating Officer,
Chief Medical Officer

Leo is an award-winning industry leader, twice recognized as one of PharmaVOICE’s 100 most inspiring people in the life-sciences industry. His driving focus is to frame science in a context that creates meaning and relevance for healthcare professionals and their patients across all aspects of therapeutic commercialization.

Leo is a skilled communicator and visionary, operationally robust in translating scientific ideas into organizational value. He is a consummate team worker, customer-focused, organizationally agile, and committed to improving patient care.


Executive Vice President

With more than twenty-five years of pharmaceutical and digital marketing experience, he is a thought leader who utilizes analytics and adult learning principles to design and develop creative, high-impact, marketing and communications solutions for the healthcare industry. Jeffrey creates programs that remove friction and create insights from the brand/pharma work process; his projects have ranged from comprehensive omnichannel, CRM and compliance initiatives to complex technological solutions that that educate and enhance communication in the healthcare ecosystem. 

Jeffrey has served over fifteen years on agency leadership teams and has headed up strategy, technology, creative, communications, and analytics groups. He has helped top brands navigate a fascinating and rapid convergence of omnichannel communications and technology, and his clients have ranged from global pharmaceutical companies and brands to emerging biotech and medical device companies.

Jeffrey received his bachelor of arts degree from Skidmore College and an MBA in international finance from the Stern School of Business at New York University. He has an unquenchable curiosity for technology and innovation.

To unplug, Jeff loves to cook and entertain family and friends, as well as listen to and travel for live music and concerts.

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